Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Espresso Coffeepot Sketch

I decided to do a sketch today. I haven't sketched for years, at home I am surrounded by more accomplished artists (husband, son and daughter) this is a bit of an inhibiter. But today I want to draw something that is personal to me. I collect espresso coffee pots so that's my first sketch. I then turned my sketch into a line drawing, the next stage will be to translate it into Redwork embroidery. You can find out more about Redwork here that's for tomorrow.


  1. Anjie,

    This is good - it reminds me of so many things. Firstly (because I have a child obsessed with Dr Who) a dalek, it reminds me of a mannequin and it reminds me of fashion sketches with the proportions in there.

  2. If I want something drawing I usually ask one of the family to draw it, they find it easy. I am a little rusty, but I wanted to go through the whole process myself, my little challenge.