Monday, 1 February 2010

How to Make a Removable Fabric Book Cover

First make a pattern, to do this measure the height and around your book plus an amount for inside flaps. Add a seam allowance of 1cm (3/8th") all round plus an extra 0.5cm (3/16th") to the top and bottom of your pattern.

Cut out two pieces from the pattern.

Place the 2 pieces right sides together, and pin them.

Using a straight stitch, sew them together along the edges (seam allowance of 1cm (3/8th"). Leave a 5cm (2") gap, along one of the short edges, and use it to turn the cover right side out.

Trim the corners, so that there won't be any bulky fabric when you turn it right side out.

Turn right side out, Sew the gap closed and press.

Take your cover and wrap it around your book so that the flaps on the inside are even on the front and back, mark with pins.

Carefully remove your book and iron the flaps down so that you have a visible crease. Now sew the flaps down at the top and bottom edges of your book cover, as close to the edges as you can get it.

Slip your cover on to your book

For a photographic tutorial visit Pom Pom Emporium 

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