Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Okay what exactly are we hoping to achieve here? I guess I should be blogging about it, as we go, then you can all follow what’s happening and what we are trying to create and achieve.
I first came across Anjie’s site during the summer and found a lot of her ideas to be very inspiring. I find when you work with others or at least bounce ideas off one another and feed each other inspiration new possibilities emerge and new directions can occur.  I also learned about ‘thing a day’ on Anjies site and this seemed like an excellent idea to me. I approached Anjie and asked if she would be interested in working on a blog format and dialoguing our creativity. The process is to undertake a creative activity every day for a month and thus instil the ‘habit’.
Now this may seem a bit strange as we both are regularly creative anyway. So to refine the concept even further another premise is to try new things that we wouldn’t normally try. Push the envelope, so to speak. Due to time commitments we have decided that January would be the best month to undertake the project. In the meantime we thought it would be good to blog about ideas, concepts, thoughts and plans.
I guess it’s like the stone in the pond, ripple effect. I may come up with a notion and blog it and Anjie may have a different take and inspire my creativity in a new direction. Rather than doing all our planning and debating offline (400 miles between us) or between private emails – we thought part of the process should be to blog from the start.
I/we also envisaged that we may just get other peoples creative habit going so they too could work on getting the habit. There is a school of thought in psychology that states that it only takes 6 weeks to establish or eradicate a learned behaviour. If that is the case or you but into that theory then perhaps it will only take a short while to develop the creative habit.
At this moment in time I’m imagining all the things that I could do throughout January. I’m playing with the possibilities of what media I can work with and what new skills I could learn. I’ve also come to realise that there will, by necessity, be some amount of preparation involved. I don’t imagine for one minute that I’m going to wake up on the 1st of January and think right let’s get cracking. I’m starting to think about collecting materials and equipment. At the same time this isn’t meant to be scripted in anyway. 
I’m thinking about being eco friendly and recycling and up cycling. Perhaps Freecycle would be a good place to get materials. There is so much dying back in the garden and leaves falling everywhere perhaps some materials should be gathered from Nature.
Anyway if I remember correctly I think Anjie took part in thing a day in the past and maybe she will blog a little about that and her experience of that.
Anjie did they have a time restriction on the amount of time invested in being creative everyday?
Which also leads us towards needing a definition of what we mean by create and creativity. I will blog in depth about that in the coming days.
So in short – to recap. In January don’t think new exercise regime, don’t bother joining a gym and scrap any ideas of a diet. Feed your creativity and join us here.

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