Sunday, 18 October 2009

One Thing Leads to Another

With searching for inspiration on the internet one thing leads to another. I began looking at Halloween imagery, which lead me onto Mexican Day of the Dead skeletons, as well as the fantastic imagery surrounding that celebration. I particularly liked the papier mache figures painted in vibrant colours displayed in dioramas this lead me to this

"52 Weeks is the collaborative effort of artists Jason Andrew McHenry and Christopher J. Dyer. The project was a yearlong visual diary and journal presented in weekly increments. Each artist presented fifty-two boxes, for a total of one-hundred and four separate pieces.

The visual entries center around pre-existing, 4×6×2 inch shadow boxes. Found objects, ephemera, and original art were collected and manipulated over the week’s time to create distinct and personal assemblages.

Accompanying these visual entries are written journals specific to each artist. The written journals predominantly contain explicit documentation of the box contents, but also include writings and notations of a more introspective and creative nature.

The friendship between 52 Weeks creators spans nearly two decades, and their collaborative efforts have produced a large catalog of artistic work. They notably served as co-founders of the critically acclaimed Holy Mackerel Press which published limited edition art-bound volumes by poets such as Tom Peters and Dr. Martin McGovern. They have been including in numerous gallery showings in Saint Louis, Denver, Los Angeles and Seattle.

The 52 Weeks project went on a small gallery tour through the Pacific Northwest and was featured at Bumbershoot in Seattle where it garnered praise and was optioned by a local gallery. After the final opening every piece was sold and the artists both left town. [They have not seen one another since then.]"

This is an idea I like and think could be explored and tailored to your own circumstances, a memory box.

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